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HMO & Student Furniture Packages UK?

HMO stands for House in multiple occupation. It means a residential property ( Flat, Cottages, Appartments or House ) where ‘common areas’ exist and are shared by more than one household.

It means a residential property occupied by more than one household and more than two people. The shared area could be Kitchen, Bathrooms, Toilets, Garden etc. Landlords may need a licence for renting an HMO Property. They must maintain the property in good conditions. The tenants may complain to council if property is not maintained properly.
Your local council will look at few things to decide whether your house is an HMO Property or not e.g
• HMO for the number of tenants
• facilities - kitchen, bathroom and toilets
• landlord - are they fit and proper
• management arrangements
The local council decide after these checks that the landlord is a suitable person for hmo licence.
NOTE: If you are individual, Landlord, Property Owner or Letting Agent please contact your local council for latest information. Landlords Furniture Packages UK supply a range of furniture packs which are ideal for landlords, tenants, student properties and people looking for complete furniture sets.

HMO Furniture

Many companies offering hmo furniture Solutions for landlords, letting agents and property developers. Their HMO furniture packages are designed to help landlords and letting agents improve occupancy, retention rates and faster lettings. You can view hmo furniture solutions for 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms packages upto 10 bedrooms. For more than 10 bedrooms property, you can call/email them to discuss your requirements.

Aspire furnishings is also a good choice to buy hmo furniture packages from. Aspire offers furniture packs for landlords, service apartments furnishings, HMO & Student Packs as well as Bespoke Furniture. They also offer free delivery, assembly and installation for any set of package you choose. Best deals and offers, you can find on their website.

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